Month: August 2022

Famous Places To Visit In Goa

Famous places to visit in Goa

Goa is one of the most famous and visited places in India. We know how famous the beaches of Goa are worldwide. Over millions of foreigners visit Goa annually and this number is increasing every year. However, Goa is not just about visiting 31 beaches and experiencing nightlife, but it has many other tourist attractions …

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Socio-Cultural Issues In India

stop limiting yourself

India is a country of a variety of cultures and religions. The integrity through which Indians follow their culture can be rarely seen in other countries. However, not all the old cultures and myths benefit people. There are many issues related to Indian culture and society which are a matter of discussion. These socio-cultural issues …

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10 Best Cities To Live In India

Best cities to live in India

India is a land of cultural heritage. Every state and city has its roots in the cultural history of India. In terms of development also, some cities have reached new heights in providing every facility to individuals. Who doesn’t want to live in a pleasant, pollution free and safe city in the country? In the …

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