10 Best Cities To Live In India

Best cities to live in India

India is a land of cultural heritage. Every state and city has its roots in the cultural history of India. In terms of development also, some cities have reached new heights in providing every facility to individuals. Who doesn’t want to live in a pleasant, pollution free and safe city in the country? In the midst of highly polluted cities like Delhi, there are some cities which are well worth living. Let’s discuss some of the best cities to live in India.

Here is the top 10 best cities to live in India:

  1. Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  3. Pune, Maharashtra
  4. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  5. Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu
  6. Mumbai, Maharashtra
  7. Surat, Gujarat
  8. Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  9. Hyderabad, Telangana
  10. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Bangalore is the IT hub of India. It is one of the most developed cities in India. In terms of technology and infrastructure, Bangalore City has no comparison. It has all the transport facilities including metro stations and cab facilities. Many companies including Infosys, Wipro and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd have their headquarters in Bangalore. 

Bangalore City is full of gardens and thus also called the garden city of India. The cool atmosphere and weather of Bangalore makes it one of the best cities to live in India. Other than basic facilities, Bangalore is also a great city for tourist attraction. There are numerous places to visit  in Bangalore. This includes The Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Cubbon ParkISKCON temple etc. Recently, the Bengaluru Airport has been ranked 61st in the list of world’s best airports.  

2. Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most preferable places to live in India. The South Indian city is the base of 1/3rd of the total automobile industry of India. According to the 2014 annual Indian city survey by India Today, Chennai was ranked the best city of India. The Tamil film industry also has its base situated in Chennai. In 2019, Chennai was the 36th most visited city in the world. It is the most prominent town for education and economic institutions. The weather of Chennai generally remains constant throughout the year. 

Marina Beach, Valluvar Kottam, Thousand Lights Mosque, Elliot’s Beach, Ashtalakshmi Temple are some of the tourist places in Chennai. The cost of living in Chennai is slightly lower than the other metropolitan cities. Chennai provides all the luxuries demanded by the individuals. The crime rate here is also low compared to other cities.

3. Pune

Pune is a unique city in terms of weather, living and Marathi culture. It is also a prominent place for students and IT professionals. The weather of Pune is cool in winters, hot in dry summer and moderate rainfall in monsoons. None of the weather of Pune is so extreme in which people can’t survive. The tasty restaurants, luxury malls, multinational companies and the diverse crowd make Pune one of the best cities to live in India. 

The following are some of the famous tourist places in Pune:

4. Indore

If you want to reside in the cleanest city of India, then Indore is the best option. Indore is a city of Madhya Pradesh which is no.1 in terms of cleanliness. Indore City also has the best local market for shopping. The food is tastier here. This city has the best medical and engineering colleges of India. The numerous cloth mills and factories generate a lot of employment here. It is the only city in India which has both IIM and IIT. The bus service of Indore is the best in India. 

Apart from these facilities, Indore is also a famous visiting place for tourists. The famous visiting places include Rajwada Palace, Lalbagh Palace, Central Museum, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Annapurna Temple, Patalpani waterfall etc. Last but not the least, Indore is the industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh. 

5. Coimbatore

Coimbatore is another South Indian city which is considered as one of the best cities to live in India. The weather here is very beautiful and comfortable to reside in. The water is also tastier here. Unlike Chennai, traffic jams are not that tedious in Coimbatore. It has some of the best colleges of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is the Educational Hub of Tamil Nadu with famous Engineering and other educational institutions like CIT, PSG Tech, KCT, GCT, Ramakrishna, Krishna, Avinashilingam and many more. 

This city is near many hill stations. Coimbatore itself has one of the best visiting places of India. Maha Shiva Adiyogi Statue, GeDee Car Museum, Marudhamalai Hill Temple, Monkey falls are some of the fascinating tourist attractions in Coimbatore.  

6. Mumbai

Mumbai can’t be missed when we talk about the best cities to live in India.Visiting Mumbai once in their life is a dream for many. This charming city has India’s top medical colleges, IIT colleges and universities. The life of a Mumbaikar is not less than a dreamy life with all the facilities. Apart from the official capital, New Delhi, Mumbai is considered as the economic capital of India. Local trains have made it easy for the Mumbaikars to travel in the cosmopolitan city. Mumbai is the central hub of the Bollywood film industry. People of every job category live a peaceful life in Mumbai including engineers, doctors, bankers and actors. The Gateway of India, Marine drive, Elephanta Caves and Siddhivinayak Temple are the most visited places in Mumbai.  

7. Surat

Surat is ranked as the 9th largest metropolitan city in India. Also known as the ‘Diamond City of India’, Surat is one of the best cities to live in India. It is the central hub for the textile and diamond industry.

The crime rate here is also very low compared to other cities. Thus, Surat is also one of the safest places to live in India. It is also developing as a growing hub for the business sector. The electricity and water issues are also relatively fewer in Surat. 

8. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the fastest growing town in Gujarat. Times of India has ranked Ahmedabad as the best city to live in India. It has the best transportation facilities and is an increasing base for the commercial industry. Ahmedabad is the favourite place for Gujarati food lovers. The following are the famous visiting places of Ahmedabad:

9. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the densely populated metropolitan capital city of Telangana. In 2015, Hyderabad was one of the best cities to live in India according to Times of India. Despite having a large population, Hyderabad provides less congestion and traffic. It is also the new emerging IT hub of India. The top class airport, international schools and film city makes it a worthy place to live. Hyderabad is often referred to as the New York city of South India. Charminar, Golconda Fort and Ramoji Film City are famous tourist attractions in Hyderabad. 

10. Jamshedpur

With its appealing infrastructure and landscape, Jamshedpur is an affordable city to live in North India. This small town of Jharkhand has relatively less population than other cities. Jamshedpur is best known for the Tata Steel Plant. It is a very peaceful town with organised localities and clean and paved roads. The electricity and water facilities are also good here. The steel city of India has the following famous visiting places:


Different cities of India represent different cultures and aesthetics. People settle down in a city depending on their needs and responsibilities. However, a good city is one which has every facility available including proper electricity, infrastructure, transport, education institutions, hospitals etc. 

The central government of India has also implemented Smart City Project to make 100 cities the smart cities. Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Indore, Ranchi, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur and Gangtok are the various cities which are included under the smart city project. It will be one of the major developments in India if this project gets successful. We will then have 100 best cities to live in India instead of 10-15. Till then, let’s wait and watch whether the Indian government will be able to make 100 cities as smart cities or not till 2024.