Month: June 2022

LGBTQ And The Indian Cinema

LGBTQ and the Indian cinema

Lgbtq is a burning topic in today’s world. The demand for equal rights and equal  positions in society is something that is concerned with every LGBTQ member. Today one of the biggest mediums which is educating people about LGBTQ is Indian cinema. Directors and producers today are actively making films on the struggle of LGBTQ …

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Business Model Of IPL

IPL is considered as one of the biggest festival seasons of India. The excitement level of cricket fans during IPL is always  unmatchable. The ad breaks, the signature tune of IPl and many other things captivates our mind during an IPL season. But do you know how your favourite Indian tournament IPL earns money? Today, …

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Why Do Indian Products Have English Labelling?

Brands are following the old tradition of  English labelling

In our day to day life, we buy thousands of products including food packets, cosmetics, electronic devices and luxury items etc. Some products also require us to read the instructions given on their packets. While reading those instructions, have you ever noticed why they are written in English despite being Indian products?  This question arises …

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Girl’s Independence

Girl's independence basically means providing all the independence which men have in our society

Girl’s Independence has always been a vast topic of discussion for people in India and outside India. While girls are slowly getting their position in society, some orthodox people are still against girl’s independence. The term ‘Girl’s Independence’ basically means giving all the independence to girls that any man in the society has. A girl …

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