Famous Places To Visit In Goa

Goa is one of the most famous and visited places in India. We know how famous the beaches of Goa are worldwide. Over millions of foreigners visit Goa annually and this number is increasing every year. However, Goa is not just about visiting 31 beaches and experiencing nightlife, but it has many other tourist attractions also. Let’s explore some of the famous places to visit in Goa:

1. Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada is one of the most famous places to visit in Goa

Fort Aguada is one of the most memorable sites to visit in Goa. This fort was made by the Portuguese in the 17th century to protect themselves from Marathas and Dutch. There is a thick beacon present inside the fort. The extraordinary view of the land and water around the fort can be seen by reaching up to the baccon. A channel is also present in the fort but it has dried today. A few of the areas of Fort Aguada have been changed into prisons and visitors are not allowed to go there. However, the rest of the fort is open for tourists.  

2. Basilica of Bom Jesus 

It is one of the most famous places in m Goa

Apart from beaches, churches are also famous tourist attractions in Goa. One such famous church is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This world famous church isn’t just a religious structure but it also holds the human stays of St. Francis Xavier. The protected remains of St. Francis Xavier are placed in a showcase during religious festivals. As Goa was earlier popular with European settlements, this church holds a memorable significance to the Christianity. 

3. Beaches

Beaches are the main tourist attractions in Goa. People specially visit Goa to enjoy and have a fun time on the beaches. There are not one but a number of famous beaches here. Some of these popular beaches are:

Calangute Beach

It is the longest beach in North Goa which stretches from Candolim to Baga.

It is the longest beach in North Goa which stretches from Candolim to Baga. Situated 15 km from Panjim, Calangute Beach is the hub for tourists coming from all over the world. This beach is popularly known as the “Queen of Beaches”. It is also among the top-10 bathing beaches in the world. Water sports activities like water surfing, parasailing, banana riding and jet-skiing are popular here. One advantage of night staying in Calangute Beach is that it keeps you well connected with Baga, Anjuna, Candolim beach and Aguada fort. 

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is located at a distance of 21 km from Panjim.

Anjuna Beach is located at a distance of 21 km from Panjim. Stretching almost 2km, it is characterized by the rocky outcrops. This beach is famous for its golden coastline, beach shacks, nightclubs, full-moon parties, watersports and flea markets. Also known as the jewel of Ozran, it is a perfect place for family outings. 

Baga Beach

Baga beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Goa

Baga beach is one of the most popular and visited beaches in Goa. It is located close to Calangute Beach and is 30km from Panjim. If you want to witness the dazzling nightlife of Goa, then Baga is the perfect place. This beach also offers a vast range of water sports. The designer stores and street-side markets are best for shopping at Baga beach. Infanteria restaurant is highly recommended by the visitors for breakfast. Since both Baga beach and Calangute Beach lie on the same stretch of the shore, the former one is considered as the extension of the Calangute Beach. Baga beach is perfect for every kind of traveller whether he is a party person or normal person.  

4. Mapusa Market 

Mapusa Market

Goa is a famous place for shopping and marketing purposes. The Mapusa Market is one of the most beautiful and intriguing markets in Goa. It opens only on Fridays. This market is extended 10.3 km along the Anjuna Beach in North Goa. A large variety of items are sold in the Mapusa Market. This includes meat, vegetables, a wide assortment of fish, crisp flavors, nuts, natural products, blossoms, home-made chouri├žo, pickles, gems, garments, marinated pork wieners and even wines.

5. Cruises


Your Goa journey is incomplete if you don’t explore the exotic scenery of Goa from cruises. There are different types of cruises available in Goa. This includes simple evening cruises, backwater cruises, casino cruises and romantic dinner cruises. All the cruises start from Miramar Beach in Panjim. Some Goa cruises offer dinner options along with fun and entertainment activities. There are several packages available for your enjoyment on cruises. Based on your requirement and time, you can book a cruise online or offline.  

6. Dudhasagar Falls

Dudhasagar falls

Dudhasagar is one of the tallest waterfalls of India and is one of the most famous places to visit in Goa. It is located inside the Mollen National Park. It is approximately 60km away from Panaji. This 310m high waterfall resembles the heavy run of milk effortlessly flowing down the hill. You can visit this waterfall either by your private transport from Panaji or by train journey. 

Monsoon is the best season to visit Dudhsagar falls. During this time, water runs in a full flow. However, many times Dudhasagar falls are closed in Monsoon because water level goes too high. 

7. Chapora Fort

Chapora fort

Chapora Fort is one of the most famous places to visit in Goa. It was originally built by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah but was  reconstructed by the Portuguese in 1717. This fort is popularly known as the “Dil Chahta Hai Fort”. This is because the 2001 blockbuster film, ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot here. You can have a beautiful view of the sea and Chapora River from this fort. 

The original name of Chapora Fort was Shahpura during muslim reign. Later, Portuguese renamed it ‘Chapora Fort’ based on the Chapora river flowering alongside. The breathtaking sunset view of the adjoining Vagator beach which overlooks the Arabian Sea is the highlight of the fort. This fort has been ruled by many rulers including Muslims, Portuguese and Marathas. The two tunnels built by the Portuguese to escape during an emergency are still present in the fort. 

8. Divar Island

Isolated Island

Divar Island which is located at a distance of 10 km from Panjim is not less than a heaven in dense woods. It is commonly known as a ‘village stuck in time’. Since this island is disconnected from the city, it is still unexplored and unexploited by the visitors. The Portuguese style vintage houses, traditional churches, the evergreen paddy field create a different aura for this island. Contrasting the party culture in the cities, this island provides you a peaceful environment. The tiny tea stalls and narrow winding roads are charming enough to always reside in our memory. 


Not only for beaches but Goa is a beautiful tourist attraction for various other reasons also. The nightlife in Goa, the bars and eateries are highly appealing. There is no comparison of night-outs, dance clubs and rave parties in Goa. In short, Goa is a fantasy place which every person dreams of visiting once in their life. So, if you are looking for a famous tourist place in India, then Goa is the perfect destination. You can also book an advance Goa lodging to make your trip more comfortable. So just make your mind and head for the greatest memorable tourist place in India, that is, Goa. 

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