Why we Fail on New Year Resolution

New Year's goals

Why we fail on New Year Resolutions..? Every year we set Resolutions. To Hit the Gym daily, to Eat Healthy, to Stay Fit, to complete your Bucket list, to ask your Crush out on Date, to Quit the Miserable Job you been doing, to Save more, to Do more, to Be more, to Give more, to Explore more. By setting some goals but most of Us fail to achieve our goals by end of year. 80% of your new year resolutions fail by February and fail to follow most of our action plans by 8th of January.

4th of July fireworks
4th of July fireworks

Now why one should set goals..?

Have you ever wondered why we fail to achieve most of the goals every year?

Not Setting Goals At first place
Many people think that setting New Year resolution is childish thing and believe that New Year resolution is such phenomena where in the said goals are never achieved, it’s just a fun way of saying impossible things to do in life, but what they don’t understand that setting New Year resolution is just way to breakdown your Long term goals in smaller parts small of yearly mile stones.

Setting Goals gives you the leverage to measure your progress in terms of number and percentages. It will give a clear blue print of life as what awaits ahead and also tells about your competitive advantages and disadvantages.

Composite image of new years resolutions
New year Resolutions

Setting goals in life and breaking them in small-small New Year Resolutions makes your life goals and ambitions easy to achieve. Having set goals in life helps to look back on your past performance as well. And helps to learn from previous mistakes. Writing down and keeping record of performances helps you to look through the progress in real time. What generally people do is judge their yearly performance based on last 3 months of year (October, November, December), no matter how good or bad they do throughout the year. They look at the past year based on last few months of year and end up miserable.

Not setting realistic goal…

new year goals or resolutions 2022
New year goals 2022

You set very big goals, setting random goals will not lead to success the goal should be in line with your current reality. For example imagine you are making few thousand a month as salary and setting goal to become millionaire by end of year. This kind of goal will not lead to success, instead set goals to make 100thousands first. One should plan for long term goals like five year goal and then break it down in single-single years. Then again break it down in small parts like monthly goals.

One cannot make portfolio from 4 digit to 7 digit in single year. Now some people would say both cases are possible. yes, they are but not for everyone and are kind of hard and needs complete efforts and also involves risks. So One should not Over Estimate what you can achieve in single year and plan accordingly. By keeping your pervious performance in mind. The goals should be within reach and clearly visible.

No Action plan & Not Breaking Goals in small parts

First part not setting action plan, If you want to crash New Year Resolutions wishful thinking will not help to go through it. You need to have action plan as well and that alone will not help action plan needs to be backed up by clear execution.

Even In Mahabharata Lord Krishna Says, “The person who climbs the mountain successfully is not the one who sits at the bottom of mountain and plans to climb it successfully. But the One who plans and actually starts his journey towards the top. And changes his strategy every now and then to avoid falling down’’ this is how to take actions towards crashing your goals.

As we mentioned in above point you should break goals in small-small parts is important. Let us say you want to be an top class marathon runner and on one runs in your family you cannot certainly start running 10-miles a day. You have to start small lets us say start by one-mile first and break your practice in 4 quarters of year increasing capacity in few miles every quarter.


You need to have discipline towards New Year Resolutions. I know this sounds shitty to have Discipline towards your resolutions but to do anything in life one should have Discipline. Initially when we try and follow Resolutions it feels very difficult to continue to show consistency in our efforts. For example: by showing up at Gym every single day at end of the day you have that Feel Good Dopamine release. To maintain consistency in efforts you can take the help of that feel Good Harmon.

You should make New Year Resolution as top class priority and convert the action in Habit. As it is always said, “At first you Make Habits and then habits make you.” There are various opinions about setting habits that it takes 15 days, few say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Whatever it takes you got to do it. Well about Discipline and setting Habit I can still write more but I’ll come up with it in another separate segment.

Not keeping an Eye on your performance during the year

Progress word concept
Keeping an eye on your Performance & Measuring Progress

What people do is they view their entire year in December month every year, at that time all you can do is Regret. As we said in our intro part you need to break down your Year in Quarters. Then track your performance every month then further breaking it down in every day.
Imagine you need to read or write a book so daily action would completing at least one Page a day which hardly takes any time. And in case your goal is to Hit Gym daily you can track that too by some smart adaptable Gadgets.

Make Habit of writing dairy. Maintain your monthly progress through that and you can also add monthly Do’s and Don’ts. This will help you always give on time alerts to avoid committing same mistakes as every year.

Loosing Motivation & Getting Distracted

This happens with all we are highly motivated to achieve our goals at initial days but literally loose motivation till mid of the year. To avoid such thing you need to write down your goals on paper or somewhere visible. Daily looking at list of your Resolutions eventually will keep you motivated though out the year and will not let you forget them. Even better you can stick posters relating to your Goal in your room, keep it as wall paper on phone or any daily use device.

Golfing Distraction
Getting Distracted

12 months is very long time and any one can get distracted in 365 days long run. To keep you tied to your goal you need to give yourself perks after achievement of small-small mile stones. You should reward yourself with you like but keep in mind that thing should not be a hurdle to your Resolution. For example you go to Gym every day to lose weight and as Reward consume excessive calories cakes, chocolates etc. You can do another thing to keep you motivated and away from distractions and that is our next point.

Reward Rises From Risk
Rewarding yourself on time to time

Finding Partner to walk along with you

This is very crucial and important part. Because sometimes walking alone is very easy rather than carrying a Donkey on your back in land full of Land Mines.
You should find someone who already running the Race you want to participate. Be their companion, find someone who is as motivated as you are. Even better if more motivated than you. But, don’t be that Donkey for them or else they will throw you one of the Land Mine.

These are the few Reasons why you do not Crash your goals (New Resolution)

  1. Financial Resolutions
  2. Emotional resolutions
  3. Health Resolutions
  4. Relationship Resolution

Finance : Just Calculate how much money you made last year. What was it like. Was it too difficult to make tat much money. This Year increase the income at least by 50% compared to the previous year. go back to previous year and see did you add any new revenue streams. If yes what were the new streams are they still active. If not can you add any new streams this year. what stream it would be..? How much efforts it is going to take. Like this you need to analyze the Financials.

Accordingly plan your financial goals or Resolution keeping long term goals in focus. Write them down to keep track and to keep your self away from getting distracted and motivated.

Emotional : In todays world EQ is more important then IQ. so what is this EQ…? EQ is Emotional Quotient one should not be in control of his/her emotions. You should control Emotions not the other way round. Find out who are you as a person..?. What are your values..?. How much of a emotional person you are…?. Is there any thing that that can be improved…?. Go through few situation dealt in past what were few of your mistakes analyze them. Find out what could have been best reaction to that situation and act accordingly.

In Yoga there is famous saying “When your Brain is at War, change the patter of Breathing.” use this mantra it really works. For example when you are furious and angry your breathing is very fast. That time try and Breath slowly. Slowly inhale and exhale. Your anger will vanish in no time.

Mediation to over come this you can start doing mediation. even better you can add mediation as one of your new year resolutions. Start small by doing few minutes of mediation initially then you can master the art of mediation. Daily mediation will help you over come you emotional stress and lead a better life.

Health : You can grow till your 30’s from there your body shows decline. So set goals to achieved the physic you always dreamt of achieving. Start running burn calories, eat healthy. The food you consume is the fuel you put in your body so eat quality food. Quality food doesn’t needs to be expensive. Join Gym invest in your self, a healthy body is sigh of good health so get that. In todays world Healthy and Happy is new rich. don’t sit on couch all day watching Netflix.

Relationships: Many people struggle with this particular thing in life. relationships are not rocket science, they just are. relationships doesn’t only mean the one you have with you spouse. relation is in general with your parents your friends and even with society. In relation you should think of giving more than receiving. But, this doesn’t work in all condition in some cases people drain you but will never give you back any thing. The time you get to spent with your parents is limited because of their age. So focus upon that spend quality time with you parents while they are still there. And at the same time nurture other relationships remember your friends are going to live along your side. Make friends for life. Make quality friends. Make friend who share same value as you.

The relation you have with your better half and your kids. if your are struggling with this please set it as New Year resolution and nurture the relation. spend little time from your buZzy schedule with family. Go out with family often, if this is not possible help you spouse in their work. Help your kids with their projects, listen to your kids stories every day this will help you build strong relationship with them.

Crashing your New Year Resolutions

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