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Pandemic and the future of health

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Pandemic and Future of world

The changing world post pandemic. COVID-19 largely caught the world by surprise. When the World Health Organization declared the pandemic on March 11, 2020. A virus in chain spreading rapidly declared as pandemic. In no time it got spread across the world. None of us ever suspected that it would lead to two years of shutdowns. Covid-19 has disrupted the world and many people lost their loved once in the crisis.

Initially when pandemic was declared the world was not prepared for such an event in terms for medical infrastructure. Year 2020 was spent in identifying its symptoms and vaccines for the disease. By 2021 it seems to come to an end. But, again the virus got its mutation and came in more lethal form called Delta variant. And by 2022 Omicron variant.

Only way to avoid the spread of virus was social distancing. Revolution started in medical industry. Doctors disputed of their busy schedules started online consulting Patients on video calls. There were no Hospitals in many of the places across the world. Pandemic forced the governments to develop the health infrastructure in every part of the world.

There were no labs even in major cities across many countries. After pandemic it became mandatory to have testing labs even across small-small parts of country. Pandemic exposed lack of supply chain, cold storage facilities during the vaccination drive.

During 2nd wave because of Delta variant. We faced shortage of Oxygen supply in many of hospitals across the world. And this led to development their own oxygen generation units.


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Tele-health Consultation Future of World

Post Pandemic WHO and all countries are working to develop health infra-structure across the world. Many are helping their neighboring countries to provide vaccines and better health infra-structure.

Healthcare will never be the same post-pandemic. Expect tele-health to become common place. Now that a lot more people started using video calls for health visits. COVID-19 vaccine changed the way vaccines were traditionally developed. Now the vaccine development is faster process and also faster clinical trails are being taken for faster implementation.

The vaccine now are developed on mRNA technology. Traditionally vaccines were introduce into the body by harmless piece of a particular bacteria or virus, triggering an immune response. Most vaccines contain a weakened or dead bacteria or virus. Scientists now have developed a new type of vaccine that uses a molecule called messenger RNA (or mRNA for short). Rather than part of an actual bacteria or virus. Messenger RNA is used a type of RNA that created in a laboratory. which will teach our cells how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response inside our bodies. This is how the world is changing right in front of our Eyes.

Work from Home Culture, The Future of World

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Work from Home is Future of world

As the pandemic declared the world went in complete lockdown. Then companies realized they can start their works even from homes and a new culture called WFH was born. WHF culture was in use earlier also but pandemic made it more popular. Companies came up with new ways to draw work from employees from the comfort of their homes.

As time passed the production was back in line most of the work force was back to their traditional work pace. But, software companies continued work from home. Government helped them in this. Remote working condition were imposed on IT companies to avoid overcrowding. And because of 2nd wave and 3rd wave of Corona Virus this trend continued for more than 2 years. Employers scaled down their commercial, real estate, maintenance costs. They rented out their properties for hospitals for developing COVID care centers.

Meanwhile the employees became infatuated with work from home culture. They always struggle to maintain work life balance. But, now it was possible because of Remotely working condition . And also can stay near by their families. Remote work allowed them to work from comfort of their homes. It somewhere reduced Employees expenses as well. Now employees can even work while they are on vacation this happy work culture has improved their productivity.

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Work Life balance and Increased Productivity

What another thing has happened..?

Many people who quit or lost their jobs during the pandemic started their own start-ups. Many start-ups failed at the same time few immerged as market leaders. This led plenty of investors to show interest in start-ups. This is how work from home or remote working culture is changing the world in 2022.

Internet (Metaverse is Future of World)

Internet usage has become very affordable these days and with 5G, the internet has achieved grate speed. It has become assessable to everyone. Countries like China, America, and South Korea have already started 5G network. China ahead of cure have successfully tested experimental test satellite. For 6G technology into orbit along with 12 other satellites, using a Long March 6 launch vehicle rocket. India is all set for 5G and working its final infrastructural arrangements for 5G. So in future the internet is going to be far faster, cheaper and easily assessed by everyone

Metaverse: The word ”Metaverse”, is defined as a “virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users”. A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds which uses virtual and augmented reality for communication. Metaverse is in its developing phase and will be like stepping in future once it is ready. It will provide new heights to communication and internment.

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Metavers Is the Future of Internet and the Future of changing world

Metaverse may find its application in Education, Medical, Engineering and Defense fields in future. Where it will use virtual and augmented reality base models for training purposes.

Satellite Internet connection

Have you heard of Elon musk’s SpaceX they have come up with this Satellite base internet connection Using advanced satellites in a low orbit. Star-link enables video calls, online gaming, streaming and other high data rate activities with satellite internet. Users can expect to see download speeds between 100 Mb/s and 200 Mb/s and latency as low as 20ms in most of the locations.

This is easy to install, has High speed and low latency Ideal for Rural & Remote communities. Star-link are series of satellite at lower orbit one doesn’t needs to worry about astronomy. As these satellite have very low Brightness, and protect the natural night sky as it is. This is how the world is changing in front of our eyes.

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Satellite Internet is Future of World

Green Energy and its Future

We all know crude and coal are limited sources of energy. They are being mined and consumed at rapid rate. So we need to develop other renewable sources of energy before it’s too late. Another reason to shift to green energy is rising global temperature.

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Green And Clean Energy is Future of world

There are 4 major types in renewable energies. Wind energy, Solar energy, Hydro power energy and Bio energy. Out of these Wind has seen major growth. Renewable energy usage increased 3% in 2020 as demand for all other fuels declined. We have seen almost 7% growth in electricity generation from renewable sources in 2020. And has continued its growth in same pattern in 2021. It is expected grow by more % in 2022.

China is leading in this race of green and clean energy followed by US and Europe. Immerging economies like India is also implementing Green energy initiatives.

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Speaking of Solar Energy, In short term relatively high PV prices pose a challenge for its implementation. But, with countries like china are developing cheaper PV’s (Photovoltaics). And countries like India wherein the government is planning to change its desert in to solar energy generation centers. Green Energy is likely to change the future. This is how the world is changing In front of our Eyes.

EV’s (Electrical vehicles)

Electrical vehicles were originated in 1800’s. But they are gaining popularity now because of availability of wide verity like hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric. Demand in EV’s continue to climb up as prices drop down. Another reason is that consumers looking for ways to save money at pump.

Many countries have set up an ambitious goal of achieving “Zero Emission” targets till 2050, and EVs play central role in this aspect. In Europe alone, EVs and PHEVs represented 14 % of the total car sales between January and June 2021.

Immerging economies like India are also playing big role in EV segment. Indian Government encouraging its country people to move to electrical vehicles. By providing subsides and also helping them to setup infrastructure for electrical charging stations. You can find more about it on BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICENCY Government of India, Ministry of power.

India’s Biggest Company TATA MOTORS which is known for making cheaper and affordable cars. I.e. TATA NANO are now in to EVs making it affordable for all. These kind of developments are really shaping our future today. This is how the world is changing in front of our eyes.

Self-drive vehicles and Drones

Guess who is gone lose their jobs in upcoming 10 years…? Drivers of course. Self-drive vehicles are already on road and gaining popularity day by day. Cab industries like OLA, UBAR are planning for self-drive vehicles. So, cab drivers tend to lose their jobs first.

Self-drive is the future cause there are less chances of human errors. It will reduce the risks of Accidents. It will reduce time consumed in transportation. we can literally extend our supply chain anywhere in this world, in all types of atmospheric conditions. With less risk of losing human life.
In future we will have auto pilots in all modes of transportation.

Drones: popularly known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) we all know how drones have evolved in past few years. Now the drones are being deployed in Delivery as well. Currently developments are being made to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) in drones. AI could help accelerate drone usage across multiple industries. Artificial intelligence has the ability to function in situations and conditions where humans cannot. It will help Drones to Learn adapt accordingly to situations.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set up regulations to help address safety and security concerns. Recently enacted guidelines of requiring a digital license plate that can remotely identify Unmanned Aircraft. This will reduce possible risks involved in Drones.

Drones in Future will find its applications in Industries, Traffic management and many other areas. Traffic management through UAM is already working on this, to unclog our highway systems. This will come up with solutions to traffic congestion across the cities. This is how the world is changing in front of our eyes.

Crypto and NFTs Future currencies

So what is crypto currency…?

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Crypto currency are Future of Trade

A crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Crypto are Fait currencies (Fait currencies is type of money that is not backed by any commodities such as Gold or Silver). Due to digitization crypto have gained popularity. Crypto trading takes place around the clock. But, many countries have banned these because of its volatility.

So how do you invest or trade in crypto currencies…?

One needs to have special E-wallets for these and few exchanges provide you with this facility. There are many apps or online brokerage firms which creates your E-wallet. And through that one can invest or trade in crypto.

There are more than 16,000 different crypto currencies according to The total value of crypto currencies on 3rd Jan 2022 was about $2.2 trillion. And its all-time high was at around $2.9 trillion few weeks back.

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Future of Trade

Few of the popular Crypto currencies are Bitcoin at $883.4 billion, Ethereum at $448.2 billion, Tether $78.4 billion. There are few meme coins as well like DogeCoin, Shiba Inu etc.

At the moment there are no regulations or frame works for crypto currencies. These currencies are largely dependent on tweets of Ealon Musk. But, in future we may have necessary regulations and frame works for these. And Crypto might become as common as Equity and Commodity trading.


NFTs are digital tokens in the block chain network some people confuse these with crypto currencies. But NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency. In simple terms NFTs gives authenticity certificate. Anything can be tokenized using NFTs like Music, Art, JGP, Games etc. NFT makes easy to validate and verify its ownership.

NFTs are collectibles which values increase over time.

Some of the famous and expensive NFTs are

1. Every Days: the first 5000 days – 69.3m
This is the most expensive NFT ever sold to a sole owner. Its a collage of 5000 pieces of Beeple’s art work. Beeple’s pledged to create one piece of art every day back in 2007 and this is the result of it. One will definitely say worth the efforts.

2. Etika’s NFTs: For those who don’t know who Etika is. He was a famous YouTuber, Rapper and a Model. He was known for his energetic reactions to smash bros (a crossover fight Game series). Sadly he ended his life June 2019. His NFT is also one of the most highly priced NFT.
There are many NFT like this. These NFTs and crypto currencies may change the way we collect collectibles and Trade, in future. This is how the world is changing in front of our eyes.

Is there anything we missed out, or anything you can add to the 7 things that are changing the world right in front of us please write it in comments.